Lawyer Per-Erik Gåskjenn – Bergen Legal is a law firm in Bergen, Norway with long experience. We cooperate with other lawyers in the law firm Sæverud & co. The law firm specializes in some disciplines (including immigration law), and we can assist at all stages of a case. We assist clients all over Norway, and we assist clients abroad. Our goal is to provide legal services at high quality and at competitive prices compared with other law firms.

The office is located in the center of Bergen: Valkendorfsgaten 4.

Email: peg@bergenlegal.no

Telephone: +47 99216764

I completed my law degree in 1993, and have worked as a lawyer since 2000. I deal with immigration law, criminal law, labour law and cases concerning children and the child welfare service.

I have been a member of the Norwegian Bar Association’s legal commitee for asylum and immigration law. I have previous experience from public administration, including the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) and I have experience as an assistant judge at Bergen District Court.

I have taught law at the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy and international human rights at Folkeuniversitet.

I am a member of the Norwegian Bar Association.


Work experience

  • 2022 –           –  Lawyer – Per-Erik Gåskjenn – Bergen Legal
  • 2005 – 2021 –  Lawyer and partner – RettAdvokat ANS
  • 2002 – 2004 – Lawyer – Law firm Vogt & Wiig AS
  • 2000 – 2002 – Lawyer – Andersen Legal
  • 1997 – 2000 – Assistance judge – Bergen
  • 1997               – Legal consultant – The Execution and  Enforcement Commissioner
  • 1996             – Legal consultant – The National Insurance Service
  • 1995             – Trainee lawyer – ActioLassen AS
  • 1991 – 1994 – Legal consultant – The Directorate of Immigration (UDI)


  • 1993 – Cand. jur. – (law degree) the University of Bergen
    • Specialisation: International Human Rights

Immigration law

  • Protection (Asylum)
  • Work immigration
  • Family immigration
  • Residence according to the EU/EEA regulations
  • Citizenship
  • Expulsion
  • Revocation

Immigration law – Norway

I assist clients in a number of different areas that apply to the right to a residence or work permit in Norway. I have broad expertise in asylum and refugee law, family immigration, work permits, expulsion, revocation, visitor visas and citizenship.

In addition to good insight into Norwegian and international legal rules on the legal position of foreigners, I have also acquired considerable knowledge of political and social conditions in a number of different countries and regions.

My clients can be people who are already in Norway, or people who are staying abroad. I assist private individuals, and I assist companies that, for example, need foreign labour.

In some cases, clients will be entitled to free legal aid. This may apply in cases where a rejected asylum application is appealed, in some cases concerning expulsion, and in cases concerning revocation of granted permits. I will always inform you whether a case is covered by free legal aid or not.

Family law – Norway

Cases concerning children require that one is solution-oriented and always puts the best interests of the children first and forth. I have extensive experience in assisting parents in questions concerning who should have parental responsibility for the children, where the children will live permanently and which access scheme will apply. It is always desirable to get good solutions without having to bring the case to court, and I have good experience with it. In some cases, however, it is inevitable that the case will have to be resolved in court, and I also have a lot of experience in these types of cases.

I also assist parents in cases concerning child abduction, whether from Norway to abroad, or from abroad to Norway. I have brought several such cases to court in Norway. In other cases, I will be able to cooperate with lawyers abroad.

Otherwise in the field of family law, I assist in cases concerning family reunification/family immigration to Norway. I also assist in setting up marriage covenants, wills and/or future powers.

Family law

  • Marriage
  • Seperation and divorce
  • Parental responsibility
  • Child custody and accsess rights
  • Child abduction
  • Family immigration

Child Welfare Services / «Barnevern»

  • Emergency order cases
  • Care order cases

Child Welfare Services / Barnevern – Norway

In child welfare cases, consideration for the child’s best interests will always be the most important. I assist parents at various stages in child welfare cases in order for this consideration to be addressed as best as possible. I will also be able to represent minors who in some cases may be entitled to their own lawyer.

I have extensive experience in representing clients in different types of child welfare cases. I can participate in meetings with the child welfare service, and I bring cases before the County Board and the courts when this is necessary. I assist clients in cases where the child welfare service has started investigations after they have received a message of concern or otherwise. I also assist clients after the child welfare service has made decisions about emergency placement, or in cases where a request for a care takeover has been submitted.

I am keeping a close eye on new Norwegian legislation and decisions from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

In child welfare cases, one will in many cases be entitled to free legal aid regardless of income. This will primarily apply to cases where a decision has been made regarding emergency placement or where a care takeover has been requested. We will always state whether a case is covered by free legal aid or not.

Labour law – Norway

The Working Environment Act has a number of clear provisions regarding terminations and terminations in working conditions. I have experience in assisting employees who feel that they have been dismissed from their position or who have been dismissed for no sufficient reason. I participate in meetings with the employer and may assist in negotiations with the employer on various solutions. If necessary, I will bring employment tribunal cases before the courts.

I also have experience in assisting employers who need advice and guidance on how to proceed on employment law issues.

In some cases, employees may be entitled to free legal aid if their income limits have not been exceeded. See separate section on free legal aid regarding this.

Labour law

  • Work contracts
  • Work immigration
  • Dismissal
  • Redundancie

Criminal law

  • Prosecuted in a criminal case
  • Victim of crime

Criminal law – Norway

Anyone subjected to prosecution has the right to be represented by a defender of their choice. Whether one has the right to free legal aid in a criminal case depends on the nature, scope and complexity of the case, and at what stage the case has arrived. I will always provide information on whether a case is covered by free legal aid or not.

In some cases, I will be able to assist as an advocate for victims in criminal cases.

Free legal aid – Norway

Some cases entitle you to free legal aid regardless of your income. For example, the following cases apply:

  • Criminal cases where the lawyer is appointed as a defence lawyer or counsel.
  • Immigration cases where your application for asylum has been rejected, have been notified of a possible expulsion or revocation of permits
  • Child welfare cases where decisions have been made regarding emergency placement or where a care takeover of the children has been requested.

In other cases, the right to free legal aid depends on your income. For example, in the following cases:

  • Children’s cases concerning parental responsibility, permanent residence and companionship
  • Child abduction cases
  • Employment law cases concerning dismissal

In some of the cases mentioned above, free legal aid will be limited to a more specific number of hours.

If free legal aid is dependent on your income, you are entitled to free legal aid if your annual income is less than NOK 320,000 and your wealth is less than NOK 100,000. If you are married or cohabiting, free legal aid is granted if your joint annual income is less than NOK 490,000.

If your income is more than NOK. 100,000 per year, you usually have to pay a user fee in cases where free legal aid is dependent on income. From 1 January 2022, the user fee is NOK 1 121. When cases are brought before the court, the deductible is higher. The deductible can then be up to NOK 8,968.

I will always give you good information about how far you may be entitled to free legal aid or not, and I will always apply for this on your behalf if you meet the requirements.

Free legal aid